Whidbey Coffee Oak Harbor

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The task at hand was to convert what once was a drive through and company storage into a contemporary coffee shop that would become an integral part of the vibrant oak harbor community fabric. moreThe use of wood, steel, and glass gave the building a much needed update and the bold contrasting colors with pops of color along with stylized furnishings both create a fun, contemporary and comfortable atmosphere that people are more than happy to stay and have a couple cups of coffee, either inside or on the outdoor patio. The magic of the building is that although the building itself draws the crowds in, the, use manicured use of glazing and spacial planning successfully maintain the views of the water and marina aiding in the customers choice to stay and linger. The renovation and addition of Whidbey Coffee to the Oak Harbor community has been a recognized as great success and they continue to receive accolades from the local community.less